1. A lineup of three sizes with cutting widths of 1370 mm, 1160 mm, and 1020 mm.

Equipped with a 10.5-inch touch panel display, mechanical numeric keypad, and pulse handle, with the rigidity that has been followed up to now.

A new model that simply displays the number of exchange knives and the timing of refueling that were difficult to manage in old models.

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W-arm High Speed High Precision Cutting Machine made in Japan.

It has three cutting width models of 1370mm, 1160mm and 1020mm.






The Nagai's High-end model
More improved rigidity ( former D7) for more accurate cutting.
Iron cast made in Japan.
12.1 inch touch full color panel display for acculate operation with multi language of English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, japanese, and more.
Mechanical numeric keyboard for operator oriented secure operation.
Pulse handle back gauge operation function for step and high speed feed.

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NCW-E1 series

W-arm high speed cutting machine made in Japan.

It have three cutting width models of 1370mm, 1160mm and 1020mm.

Large size 8-inch touch panel color display.
By colorful large size icons shows operation Intuitively.
It can be operated immediately from today.

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