Paper Trolley

● Paper can be stacked up to a height of 1 m and can also be used as a trolley for moving around.
● The trolley is slightly tilted backward so the paper alignment is clean and easy.
● Since the handle side also has wheels, it can be stored under a workbench when not in use, saving space.

Hand Palet Truck

  BM-10SS-L40 BM-10S-L40 BM-10M-L40 BM-10C-L40  
Load 1000kg


Outer Width 520mm 685mm  
Fork Length 810mm 980mm 1070mm  
Lowest Rank 40mm  
Highest Rank 115mm  
Inner Width 214mm 379mm  
Weight 64kg 67mm 71kg  
There are many models of hand palet trucks. Please contact us for more information.

Corner Trimming Machine

Trim the Corners at Once.

You can trim the corner at once by stepping on the pedal.

・ Can trim corners from 2R to 10R by changing the blade
・ 100 mm can be stacked
・ It is a compact machine, it does not take up space
・ Since it is equipped with casters, it can be moved.
・ Corner cut blades can be chosen from 2R to 10R dimensions and two sets can be selected as standard.