Cutting Knief


We handle various types of cutting knives not only for our current cutting machine and old model, but also for cutting machines of other companies.  We have various types of knives such as vitec, super hard blade, and high speed blade.  Our company's cutting knife has our logo mark as a genuine mark, so you can use it without any worries.  If you have any problems related to cutting, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Band Tape


We also handle various types of band tapes such as kraft tapes and film tapes. Please feel free to contact us for the band tape that wraps your important products.

Suggested retail price

Band tape craft 50φ (60 rolls included) 39,000 yen and other sizes will be quoted.

Cutter Stick


  • A genuine cutter stick that is essential for the cutting machine.
  • The optimum material is selected according to the cutting edge.
  • The red color is used for the high-speed blade and the dark blue color is used for the carbide blade, so that it can be easily identified without any mistakes.
  • Our cane can be turned upside down on one side and used on four sides, making a total of eight available, reducing waste.
  • We also handle cutter sticks for other companies' machines, so please contact our sales office.

Wrap Tape


We handle plastic wrap, which is indispensable for product packaging. We also have wraps that protect important products, such as those for manual winding and those for automatic wrapping machines. Please feel free to contact us.

Binding String


We also handle binding strings. Feel free to contact us...

Level Pad


Leveling the cutting machine and absorbs vibration. If you are concerned about height adjustment or vibration, please check. Please contact our sales office for details.

Silicon Water


Double effect of sliding the paper and removing dirt. Use a pump-type injector to spray the undiluted solution of silicone spray onto the table, and stretch it with a cloth. This keeps the paper slippery and greatly improves work efficiency. Silicon is a great thing that doubles as cleaning and keep the table clean. The pump is a pneumatic type that does not use CO2 so environmentally friendly. The pump container is translucent. You can see the remaining amount at a glance. If you have a pump, all you have to do is buy more replenish.

  • Suggested retail price
  • Silicon water is 11,000 yen
  • Silicon water replenish is 4,700 yen

Silicon Spray


Silicone spray is a standard product that is indispensable for cutting work. With just a quick wipe, the paper will slide better and work efficiency will improve dramatically. It is also widely used for maintenance of paper folding machines. Must-have at least one bottle for all cutting machine and folding machine.

Suggested retail price for Silicon spray is 900 yen.

Tape Dispenser


The length of the tape that can be cut is from 5 mm to 999 mm at the longest, and the width of the tape that can be attached is from 6 mm to 60 mm. Double-sided tape is also possible. It is a new design that combines safety with a narrow opening of the movable blade and ease of maintenance. It is possible to hang two tapes (up to about 25 mm in width per tape), improving efficiency! The newly adopted tape support function makes it easy to remove the tape or film after cutting without dropping it. With a memory function that stores up to 6 different lengths in advance, there is no need to change the tape length setting each time. With this one, work efficiency can be greatly improved, and at the same time, tape can be applied to improve the impression of customers. It is a master of tape.

Super DX


  • Super DX (Deluxe) is newly added to the popular tips series. Appeared at a reasonable price. (Please contact us for the price. You will be satisfied.)
  • Super DX is made of hard solid beech wood. Beech material holds the same property as the oak material which is used for so far for its weight and hardness.
  • It feels good against the paper, and has an excellent sense of stability because of it`s moderate weight. You will be surprised of the paper alignment outcome.
  • We also accept custom sizes to meet your needs, so please feel free to contact us.

DX Gripper



The grip, that incorporates the feedback of the site, is a circular shape handle that is easy to hold.

It is easy to hit against paper. Especially effective for preventing the collapse of small plates that are easily collapsed.

Please contact us for custom sizes of 300 x 120 mm with handles.

  • Suggested retail price
  • DX Gripper(300x120x120) 14,500 yen Other sizes are quoted separately.




It is a simple shape with a round hole that penetrates using solid oak as the material.
Since oak is hard and heavy, it is hard to wear, and because it is made of a material that does not get out of order, it is ideal for paper alignment.
After a long period of use, it will become familiar to your hands and become a quaint color and shape.

Suggested retail price
Small tips (75x47x140) 7,000 yen
Tips (90x55x180) 8,000 yen

Safety Mat


Built-in cushioning material with the optimum softness for rubber mats reduces fatigue during long standing work. The mat surface is a non-slip net plate. It is especially effective on hard concrete floors. Yellow safety coating that can be seen at a glance (uniform coating type is also available). Durability that can be used for about 3 years even if used every day.

  • Suggested retail price
  • Safety mat 60x90cm 17,000 yen
  • Safety mat 90x150cm 37,000 yen

Straight Push


Do you want to hold down the bulge of saddle stitching and cut it cleanly. Straight push meets such demands. One-touch installation with a strong magnet. Simply attach it to the cutting machine to solve the problem of saddle stitch swelling, which is unsightly and can even reduce work efficiency. Easy to make fine adjustments.

Suggested retail price
Straight push 20,000 yen

Line Press


  • If you attach the line press to the cutting machine, you can easily make lines. It's a hidden bestseller. 
    There are 4 widths.
  • M1 (for fine) 2 types included, applicable paper 250 kg or less (46 size continuous amount)
  • M2 (for thick) 2 types included, applicable paper 300 kg or more (46 size continuous amount)
  • The length is 503 mm. It can be used for various line press processing. The line press has a magnet and can be attached to the clamp of the cutting machine, so it can be easily attached and detached, and it can be reinforced simply by attaching and stepping on the clamp pedal.

Suggested retail price
Line press M1 fine 9,800 yen
Line press M2 thick 9,800 yen



Conventional osmotic lubricants have not been effective for a long period of time, and extreme pressure lubrication has almost no effect. NASKALUB forms a permeable special molecular layer by electrical ions generated by the contact friction of metals.

Gives excellent extreme pressure and smooth lubricity. The effect is semi-permanent.

This film retains extreme pressure and lubrication for a certain period of time even if the oil runs out, so it prevents initial wear, prevents seizure, squeak noise, wear, and damage, and smooth rotation and machinery.

Significantly extends the life of parts. It maintains the performance of rotating parts and sliding parts of the machine, and has the effect of restoring lubrication when the noise becomes severe, so it will last a long time.

Cutting machines are effective for bearings, razors, sliding parts, and folding machines are also effective for bearings. In addition, it has been confirmed that when applied to the feeder of a printing machine, it is effective in preventing displacement due to static electricity. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Magnet Rubber


Magnet rubber is attached to the clamp with a magnet to reduce the tightening marks on the product due to the tightening pressure of the clamp. Convenient for cutting carbonless paper, etc.

Magnet rubber has a laminated structure of magnet, paperboard, and sponge.

The thickness is about 2 cm (magnet about 4 mm, core paperboard 10 mm, sponge about 4 mm). The standard width is 60 mm. The length is available according to the width of the cutting machine frontage.

As a custom order, you can select the hardness of the sponge, the presence or absence of paperboard, the thickness, the width, etc., so please contact us according to your application.

Paper Brush

Cover the bolt holes of the knife extensively so that the corners of the product do not get caught.
You can proceed with the work without worrying about the height of the product or the bolt holes of the kitchen knife.

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