Cutting Knief


We handle various types of cutting knives not only for our current cutting machine and old model, but also for cutting machines of other companies.  We have various types of knives such as vitec, super hard blade, and high speed blade.  Our company's cutting knife has our logo mark as a genuine mark, so you can use it without any worries.  If you have any problems related to cutting, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Band Tape


We also handle various types of band tapes such as kraft tapes and film tapes. Please feel free to contact us for the band tape that wraps your important products. Suggested retail price Band tape,band tape craft 50φ (60 rolls included) 39,000 yen and other sizes will be quoted.

Cutter Stick


  • A genuine cutter stick that is essential for the cutting machine.
  • The optimum material is selected according to the cutting edge.
  • The red color is used for the high-speed blade and the dark blue color is used for the carbide blade, so that it can be easily identified without any mistakes.
  • Our cane can be turned upside down on one side and used on four sides, making a total of eight available, reducing waste.
  • We also handle cutter sticks for other companies' machines, so please contact our sales office.