Top Message

Managing Director Yasuhito Nagai
Thank you very much for visiting our Internet site. I am the 3rd managing director of Nagai Machine Manufacturing company. We has been producing Paper Guillotine over 50 years for Printing company and book binding company. Thanks our customer because I understand that this business success is made only by customer's selection. Our founder's basic philosophy is that one meeting is the treasure of life. Our founder's conduct philosophy is that the future wins the past. Our company philosophy is based on this basic thought. According to our company philosophy, we would like to contribute of the prosperity of the customers, supplier venders and cooperative factories through producing high quality paper guillotines and its peripheral machines for the customer satisfaction. For this purpose, we has been producing paper guillotines consistently from the molding to product completion one by one heartily for our customer as our thinking that each one machine is the only one machine of the customer. We hope heartily our company products are still useful in the customer in the future. Yasuhito Nagai, Managing Director.

Company Philosophy

Our enterprise philosophy, which Masaichi Nagai decided, is universal philosophy in spite of today when it changes.

There are three philosophy

  1. .One is to produce high quality machine for the customer satisfaction.
  2. .Two is to contribute of the prosperity of the customers, supplier venders and cooperative factories.
  3. .Three is to endeavor mutually for improving our quality of life and quality of human.

Our Missions for Customers

Based on this philosophy, we have set up "Three Missions".

1. 1. "100% domestic, Made in Japan"
2. 2. "High quality, high precision, high performance, high quality"
3. 3. "Be sure to meet customer needs"

We are engaged in an integrated business from "manufacturing", "sales" and "maintenance" of printing, bookbinding and paper cutting machines.
Taking advantage of the integrated production from casting, we aim to be "100% domestic, Made in Japan".
We have been and will continue to strive for continuous improvement, make cutting machines of "high quality, high precision, high performance, high quality" and strive day and night to fulfill the three missions of "always satisfying customer needs". We continue to do so.