Brief history

Brief History

Masaichi Nagai founded the Nagai Machine Manufacturing Company in 1938 at the Kawaguchi city,
which is known as the town of the molding. After World War 2.
It produced & sold the manual noodle-making machine, and received favorable comment from customer.
After that, it produced the hand foot printer and paper guillotine.
Ever since, it has been producing especially paper guillotine and related products.
In these days, the customer calls it Nagai Paper Guillotine.


1938 Founded in Honcho, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture
1949 Reorganization Co., Ltd.
1953 Founded a foundry department in Naka Aoki-cho, Kawaguchi
1961 Relocated new factory to Aoki Town, Kawaguchi City
1963 Expansion of assembly plant
1965 Established Nagai Machinery Foundry Co., Ltd.
  Received the SME Commissioner's Award
1970 Designated as "Small and Medium Enterprises Rationalization Model Factory" by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
1974 Kawaguchi Tax Office Excellent Corporation Courtesy Letter
  Opened Otone Factory in Otone-cho, Kita-Saitama-gun
1976 Established Nagai Machinery Iron Works Co., Ltd.
1983 Tohoku Service Center established in Sendai City
  Completion of new office building head office factory
1986 Otone factory extension
1987 Awarded by the Commissioner of the Social Insurance Agency
1988 Tokyo Bookbinding Industry Association awarded a letter of appreciation for donation of 10,000 cutting machines from a higher training school
1989 Established Kyushu Service Center in Fukuoka City
1990 Founder Seiichi Nagai 5th Class Light Asahi Award Honors
1993 Otone factory expansion
1996 Nagai Machinery Iron Works Co., Ltd. becomes Lilia Metal Nagai Co., Ltd.
2001 Obtain ISO9001(1994)Certification
2004 Obtain ISO9001(2000)Certification
2005 Launch NCW137D8 Series
2007 Designated as Nagai Machinery Works Otone Factory and Sai no Kuni Factory
2009 Launch NCW-D9 Series
2010 Otone Factory becomes Nagai Technical Plant (NTP)Co., Ltd
2013 Launch NCW-E1 Series
2018 Obtain ISO9001(2015)Certification
2019 Launch NCW-N1 Series