Features of E1 Series

The series has designed a simple operation that even beginners can use immediately. Operation training can be reduced with unprecedented intuitive operability, icons that can be judged at a glance, and simple functions.

With simple operation and large icons, input work speed can be shortened and work can be started immediately.

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Ready to Fight with 7 Icons

We aimed to create an intuitive design that even the first person can quickly become familiar with. You can start cutting with one touch from the main screen.

18mm Large Numeric Keypad for Easy Operation with Gloves

The keypad icon, which is the largest in its class, has been adopted with the intent of "We wish we could alleviate the frustration of touch operations while wearing gloves." You can control the back gauge as calculated.

Display 10 Addresses Simultaneously

On the address setting screen, a list of up to 10 data can be displayed simultaneously. The feature is that you can see the whole. It is equipped with basic functions such as calling data from a list, registering titles, and checking addresses in use.

4 Quick Access Icons

You can control the motor, lamp, etc. with the four icons located in the upper right of the screen. You can move directly from the data editing screen to cutting work.

Self-diagnosis for All 16 Items

The E1 series is equipped with a self-diagnosis function for all 16 items. The cause of an emergency can be identified quickly and navigation is smooth.

7-Segment Display of Trust

The 7-segment display, which has excellent readability, is used to display numerical values. The display is a black back screen with reduced irritation. Make your daily work more comfortable With this in mind, this E1 was created.

Cuts Power Consumption by Up to 50%!

The E1 series is equipped with N-STOP, which allows you to enter standby mode after a certain period of time from interruption of operation. Do not waste precious electricity. In addition, the time can be set in units of 1 minute, and power consumption can be reduced by up to 50% per day. (From our research)

Full Memory Mode

In addition to the method of moving the back gauge back and forth to store the position information, it is also equipped with an "automatic memory mode" that stores when the knife is operated. The process can be overlooked by the simultaneous display of 3 processes.

Expert-friendly Feed Handle

Equipped with a mono lever that allows you to freely manipulate the back gauge. The traditional under-table position promises the fastest positioning. You can specify the specifications of the grip ball at the tip. NC-64HFE1 and NC-80HHE1 are more direct hand-operated type.

Dedicated Cutting Switch

In order to enhance durability from all aspects as a cutting button, we used scientifically stable gold contacts for electrical contacts and polycarbonate for the body. The conical coil spring developed exclusively for the cutting machine is used for the spring that controls the pressing condition of the switch.

Safe Horizontal Mount and Cutting Switch

Based on the ergonomic knowledge, the cutting switch is mounted horizontally based on the concept that "the work will not be tiring the next day even if the work is done in a long time." The resin cover surrounding the front of the switch provides peace of mind in the event of accidental contact.

Knife Height Adjustment Mechanism

  • ●The NCW-E1 series adopts the middle rod method that allows you to see the adjustment amount as it is.
  • ●Adjustment is possible with one dedicated handle.
  • ●The NC-80HHE1 and NC-64HFE1 adopt the Turnbacks method that expands and contracts the drive rod.
  • ●The feature is that it can be adjusted only by turning it, so it is speedy.