NJ Series

Automatic paper sorting machine for cutting industry.
The air blowing function and air discharging mechanism can improve not only work efficiency in the field but also the finish quality.

● Uniform air discharging with two rollers
● One-touch control of right tilt and left tilt
● Two inclination angles
● Strong air discharging mechanism:
By removing the air from the paper, the post-process = the operating rate of the cutting machine is increased, and the finished quality is also improved.
●Prevention of paper smearing : The forward and reverse rotation of the vibration motor can be selected by the paper quality, left needle, and right needle.
●Paper separation device (optional): Helps the paper separation by introducing air from two abutting surfaces
● Static eliminator (option) : The static eliminator suppresses the sticking of paper due to static electricity and helps the paper separation.


Size, Compatibility with Cutting Machine

  • NJ-130
  • Applicable size: A times, recommended to use with Hatron size extension 137 cutting machine.
  • Air blowing up to 1,456 mm in width.
  • NJ-100
  • Applicable sizes: All 46, All B, Hatron 116.
  • It fits right next to the cutting machine.
  • Air blowing up to 1,292 mm in width.
  • NJ-90
  • Correspondence size: Kikuzen, All A,46 half cut.
  • The smallest in the series. Compact and space-saving.
  • 102 fits right next to the cutting machine.
  • Removes air with a frontage width of up to 1,162 mm.

Specification Table

Model NJ-90 NJ-100 NJ-130
Paper Sizes(mm) Kiku Full/Half Forty-Six Full/Half
Table Sizes(mm) 979×700 ツ黴€1,109×800 1,269×900
Sizes(mm) 170 170 170
Air Discharged Height (mm) 20~165 20~165 20~165
Required Power(W) 1,670/1,710 200V 3Phase 1,820/1,860 200V 3Phase 1,820/1,860 200V 3Phase
Mechanical Dimension(mm) 1,162×921×1,743 1,292×1,021×1,743 1,452×1,141×1,743
Weight(kg) 410 460 510