Paper Counting System

Display the total number of cut sheets with one touch.
After calculating the thickness of one sheet, the number of sheets is automatically calculated with one pedal.
You can save time and effort to calculate with a calculator.
● Count the number of sheets at the clamp height. The error is 1000 sheets, ±2 to 3 sheets.
●Measured values can be printed and saved. It can also be used as a voucher for number of sheets and as an operation record, which helps build trust with customers.
●The problem of insufficient number of sheets is eliminated when cutting.

Productivity improvement application number Utility model application 2004-6530
Filing date November 8, 2004
Registration number Registered utility model No. 3108619
Registration date February 16, 2005
Utility model holder Nagai Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Creator Kunio Tanaka
Name of device Automatic counting system in cutting machine