A Ream Clipper is Convenient for Blank Sheet Cutting.

Isn't your physical strength deprived of your work when stripping blank paper? I think the work of lifting the paper out of the wamp and lowering it on the jogger must be repeated all day long. In addition to straining your waist by lifting the paper, you need to realign the paper.

That's where the Ream Clipper comes in.
It is possible to stack items without peeling the wamp without lifting the paper.
By connecting a stacker, it is possible to dramatically improve the efficiency of blank sheet cutting work.
In addition, the slide table allows you to efficiently feed paper into the cutting machine.

You can see the illustration in the following video.

>>YOUTUBE link of the illustration video

Pile Ruck

● A 5-tier rack that allows you to arrange 5 times of butted paper together
● Automatically supplies moving paper as a set with the grip feeder. Fully automatic operation without switch operation by signal connection with grip feeder. (Manual operation when aligning)
● While the operator cuts and stacks the paper, the next paper is set in the cutting machine. Helps save labor and increases efficiency. I will
● Because it can be aligned all at once, the movement of cutting from paper alignment is reduced and workability is improved.

Feeding Stacker

● A paper feed device dedicated to skits.
From the back side of the cutting machine, a certain amount is transferred onto the cutting machine table using an air gun.
● Used as a set with the grip feeder.
● You can easily lift the paper with the table lifter.
● If you fill the table lifter in the pit construction, you can easily handle the high pile of paper.

Grip Feeder

● Supports a single feed height of up to 170 mm.
● Hold the jogger and pile rack paper firmly and automatically transfer it while bleeding air. Paper is automatically fed from the back of the cutting machine.
● Two grips prevent the paper from being pulled or bent.
A safe design that stops the operation of the back gauge of the cutting machine if there is a problem with the grip.
● If you work with two people, you can cut without interruption, and the operating rate of the cutting machine will improve to 150%.
● Since the paper is fed backward, the installation space is reduced.