Double Pile Paper Stacker

● Paper that has been cut is automatically stacked on the pallet.
For example, half-cut blank paper can be stacked on two pallets with high precision.
● Four paper grip claws (chucking) firmly catch the longitudinal direction.
With the horizontal twist function (utility model notification has been submitted), it can be properly laid down.
● Since the stick stacking accuracy is good, it can be set directly on the feeder of a printing machine or paper folding machine without stacking by hand.
● The operating rate of cutting is 1.5 to 2 times that of manual loading.
● Since it can be stacked without bending over, the burden on the operator is reduced.

B-Size All Compact Paper Stacker

  • The compact paper stacker is equipped with horizontal alignment and automatic dimension adjustment functions as standard equipment.
  • ●Isn't the work of transferring the cut product to the pallet a heavy burden on the waist?
  • ●Also, isn't the corner of the finished product broken because it is not stacked all together, or is there any work such as reloading in a later process?
  • ●Work efficiency can be increased by about 1.5 to 2 times from the time of manual loading, and products can be stacked neatly.

  • ●The B all compact stacker is a minimum size that saves space compared to the conventional paper ejection stacker. Even if it is small, it can handle all B sizes.
  • ●When stacking paper, the longitudinal direction does not need to be adjusted due to automatic positioning.
  • ●In addition, since it is equipped with a horizontal twist function as standard equipment, it can be easily misaligned in the horizontal direction, making post-processes easier.
  • ● Since the power is operated by electricity and air, troublesome oil maintenance is not required, and a tape switch type emergency stop switch around the table allows safe use.

Sizes of Compact Paper Stacker

A Overall Length 3,000mm I Maximum Frontage 1,258mm  
B Dimensions behind the center of the main body 1,270mm J   530mm  
C Dimensions in front of the center of the main body 1,732mm   Maximum Paper Size 1,100×800mm  
D Overall Breadth 1,435mm   Minimum Paper Size 550mm  
E Air-Table Breadth 800mm   Maximum Height for 1Rim 165mm  
F Air-Table Length 1,320mm   Maximum Height(Pallet Included) 1400mm  
G Overall Height 2,055mm   Required Power 1.8kW  
H Maximum Height(When table rises) 2,150mm   Total Weight 2,000kg  

Paper Stacker

  • ●Excellent Stacking Accuracy : Easy to use for both blank paper and printing paper
  • Reduces the burden of manual work and improves the operating efficiency of the cutting machine.
  • ●No need for digging
  • ●Designed for pallet center loading and puddle loading
  • ●The puddle stacking, gripper straightening device, and horizontal offset device are optional specifications