How to reduce the most common Finger Pinching Accidents

When most people hear Cutting Machine, they may exactly think “Oh! It`s so dangerous”. There is no doubt about that because the operator must use of Knife almost the whole process. 

Since a sharp mechanically polished blade is attached, you may injure your fingers when replacing the blade or cleaning the cutting edge. However, in reality, most of the accidents are when a hand or finger is pinched by a clamp (paper retainer) while making a register (fine adjustment of the cutting position).

Since the position of the paper is adjusted, the fingers often get close to the clamp, and there are many accidents in which the hands and fingers are pinched and injured when operating with the foot pedal.


To prevent injuries ・・・

・ Use the tips to keep your hands away.

・ Adjust the pedal allowance so that you do not get off unless you press hard.
・ Release the clamp with a phototube
・ Attach a cover to the pedal to make it difficult to step on.
・ Attach a clamp sensor to prevent it from being pinched.
・ Attach a soft clamp to weaken the pinching force.

We are making various efforts to prevent accidents.
However, it can be difficult to respond immediately.

However, I would like to take immediate measures to avoid the worst case where the operator is injured.

Do we have the most effective countermeasures ?


・ Use the tips to keep your hands away.
・ Install the clamp sensor.
・ Install the soft clamp.

After all, physically “Keep your hands away from the clamp”, “Raise before pinching”, “Reduce the degree of injury even if pinched”, before, during, and after work. I think it would be better to support all three processes.

It is a cutting machine that seems to be a dangerous machine, but we hope that each measure can be taken to step up to safety so that everyone can use it safely.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.