What are the Tips

This product called Tips.

Why is it? I’m sure it’s because I hit it “Steadily”.

It is mainly used to align paper.
Besides being used in a cutting machine, it can be aligned before gluing, after printing, and sometimes as a weight.
It is used in various situations.
It is sometimes used as cover for not pinching your hands.

We have prepared two sizes that are easy to use.


It is a simple shape with a round hole that penetrates using solid oak as the material.
Since oak is hard and heavy, it is hard to wear, and because it is made of a material that does not get out of order, it is ideal for paper alignment.
After a long period of use, it will become familiar to your hands and become a quaint color and shape.

Suggested retail price
Small tips (75x47x140) 7,000 yen
Tips (90x55x180) 8,000 yen

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