Policies regarding Personal Information

Basic thought of Personal Information

In deference to privacy of our site user, Nagai will make an effort to be able to use it in peace.

Defining Personal Information

Personal Information that Nagai thinks about is the information that can distinguish individuals of an address, a full name, a phone number, e-mail address.

Obtaining Personal Information

Nagai will states a purpose clearly and obtains the user's consent when we collect Personal Information.

Using Personal Information

Nagai will use Personal Information that we collected within the purpose that we stated clearly at the time of collection. But laws or regulations remove a certain cases.

Security Control Measure

Nagai will use SSL transmitting and receiving safe information between a Web server and Web browsers, and we prevents wiretapping or the manipulation of Personal Information by third person when we judged that the protection of data is necessary in our site.

In addition, each sections of the jurisdiction manage Personal Information that Nagai collected severely and take hedges such as a leak, loss, the manipulation.

Recording IP address and Access information

Our offer system records a terminal IP address when a user was connected to a system, access information to a Web server. I carry out disposal of to be necessary for appropriate use systems, and this carries out investigation of a use trend for analysis such as aimed access log. It is not the processing that it limited to specific personal information.

Using cookie

The cookie is the technology that a Web server distinguishes the computer of user. Nagai will adopt it to offer the service that it is easy to use this technology for user in this site, but do not acquire the information to identify an individual.

Revision of Privacy Policy Protection

Nagai will change this privacy policy by the change of laws or regulations.

Nagai will comply with the above Nagai Privacy Policy as its own policy regarding Personal Information protection.

Yasuhito Nagai

Nagai Machine MFG. Co., LTD

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